Tab Rescue!

August 28, 2011 • 0 comments

Tab Rescue!I’ve been trying to find the Mac web browser with the best combination of RAM usage, speed, and graphics card usage. After flitting through Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Opera, I’ve come to the conclusion that Firefox is too slow, Chrome eats too much RAM, and Opera is just too foreign. Plus Chrome and Firefox turn on my MacBook Pro’s discrete graphics card, which seriously eats into my battery life. So I’m a Safari user now, which has fringe benefits like Full Screen mode on Lion.

But one thing I’ve missed from other browsers is the ability to quickly and easily bring back tabs and windows I’ve closed. Mostly that’s because I have a nasty habit of opening a ridiculous number of tabs — on the order of 40, 50, or even higher. I think at one point, I hit 100. Anyway, after opening tons of tabs, I’ll try and clean up my browser by closing a bunch of them. But once in a while, I’ll miss and close a tab that was actually important. Currently in Safari, you can bring back the one tab you closed last with ⌘Z, but that’s not really good enough — I tend to realize that I closed the wrong tab after closing a few more. So I needed a way to reanimate dead tabs.

So…I wrote a Safari extension to do just that. It creates a hotkey at I’m calling it Tab Rescue, and you can download it below! Hopefully you like it! Feel free to comment or drop me an email if you have questions, comments, or concerns.


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