Florida: Right Next to Montréal!

December 6, 2011 • 0 comments

A map of the NHL cities, with the new conferences colored in.Today, the NHL Board of Governors voted to approve a new plan to regroup the teams into four new conferences, based on the teams’ locations. That makes sense — some divisions are really spread out. For instance, Dallas is in the same division as San Jose, which is two time zones away. The long flights and big time changes between games are bad for everyone — the players spend a long time traveling and adjusting their daily schedules, and the fans stay up late or leave work early to watch the games.

That said, the re-conferencing could have been done a little better. According to the commissioner, Gary Bettman, the discussion to regroup the conferences only lasted about an hour. Remind me why the Florida teams are in the same conference as Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, and Boston?

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