Derp 2.0!

August 28, 2012 • 0 comments

Derp I’m happy to announce that Ricky, Mike, and I have released Derp 2.0!

Rebuilt from the ground up, Derp 2.0 has beautiful new retina images across the entire app; supports iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch; and has a slick new interface, with incredibly innovative new features like a “pause button”. Derp 2.0 also has a completely new physics engine, which provides more realistic collisions and a much more polished experience on the whole.

Once you’ve played it for a while, check out the preferences! We created a hard mode, which adds a “void” across the center of the screen that hides the balls. It means you have much less time to react, and really adds a lot of suspense and excitement to Derp.

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